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Arché Law Firm

Arché Studio Legale was founded in August 2016 on the initiative of six lawyers,, Stefano Cavanna, Sergio Maradei, Francesco Massa, Lorenzo Ravenna, Carla Dellcasa e Filippo Marcenaro, who for many years had been members and collaborators of an important law firm in Genoa.

he idea that developed within the context of the founders’ professional experience (and is reflected also in the choice of the name Arché, Greek for ‘beginning) is based on the fact that today’s Italian lawyers tends to adopt, at times uncritically, professional models that are ill-suited to the Italian background and tradition….

The Firm’s Lawyer

Stefano Cavanna

Stefano Cavanna currently not registered in the professional register as a member of the parliamentary designation of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM)

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