Areas of Expertise

Arché Studio Legale was founded in August 2016 on the initiative of six lawyersStefano Cavanna, Sergio Maradei, Francesco Massa, Lorenzo Ravenna, Carla Dellcasa and Filippo Marcenaro, who for many years had been members and collaborators of an important law firm in Genoa.

The idea that developed within the context of the founders’ professional experience (and is reflected also in the choice of the name Arché, Greek for ‘beginning’) is based on the fact that today’s Italian lawyers tends to adopt, at times uncritically, professional models that are ill-suited to the Italian background and tradition.

The firm’s field test has shown that we are well able to compete on an international scale while remaining true to our own identity and principles.

The ambitious aim of Arché Studio Legale, in fact, is to revive the principles of good professional practice.

Our firm’s skills reflect the experience of its members in their respective fields of specialisation: all areas of civil law, with particular focus on brokerage and insurance law covering all sectors – commercial, business and corporate, aeronautical and defence, maritime and yachting, currency and anti-money laundering, animal protection, competition and EC, bankruptcy and insolvency, arbitration, labour, family, international law and internationalisation – mainly Switzerland, Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, South America (primarily Peru and Brazil), Iran and Africa – as well as criminal law (particularly in the so-called ‘variously definable’ fields, information, corporate, etc.).

Arché Studio Legale is located at a short distance from the Court of Genoa, in the city centre. Via Bartolomeo Bosco lies off Via XX Settembre, the main street of the city. By bus and underground it is within easy reach of both Genoa’s railway stations, Brignole (10 minutes’ walk) and Principe (20 minutes’ walk).